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Our Promise

Here at Gatsby Event Studios we aim to perfect your sound regardless of the venue or complexity of the event. Native to San Francisco, our team has been to every major venue in the Bay Area. This means that our team will be able to build your sound package proven to work in the space you have chosen. Saving you and your company headache and money.

Three Components to Perfect Sound:



Our event managers will be able to provide you with the best speakers for the needs of your event. We carry everything from full line array concert sound to small satellite speakers for cocktail hours. Speaker size and price depend on the size of the space as well as the guest count of your event.



We will help you choose the perfect microphone for your event. We have everything from handheld wireless microphones to lapels, podium mics, crowd passing mics and over the ear mics.


Mixing Boards

Coupled with your audio engineer we will choose the perfect console for each and every event. Big or small our mixers will make your sound as crystal clear as possible.

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