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DJ Supreme- AKA Todd Freeman

Todd is so much more than just an entertainer. Past clients refer to him as a friend, coordinator, party animal, and most importantly "a man who gets it done!"

The amazing thing about Todd is not only his ability as a technical sound DJ and music savant, but his ability to do all the little things behind the scenes, before the event, and under the radar that make an event extraordinary!  As a DJ, Todd doesn’t just believe in working the event, he believes in making it happen. He reveals a little insight to help us better understand Todd the Coordinator: “It’s all about seeing the event from a higher perspective, and understanding all the little things that need to be executed so the end result is a success.”

As an entertainer, Todd is second to none. His profound 6'6 frame can mix any genre, dance, get on the mic and take any event to the next level. As an artist Todd not only mixes music but makes his own. He also has a love for photography and event management. In short DJ Supreme is the total package and you will find no one better for your event!

One of my favorite stories about Todd involves a particular event early in his career with a very strict country playlist and even stricter instructions not to deviate from said playlist. After it became clear the crowd was not quite ready to put on their collective cowboy boots and dig into the dance floor, Todd let his artist loose. He grabbed the mic and proceeded to lead the guests in some impromptu country line dances. His contagious smile and relentless energy breathed new life into the party and an empty dance floor was no longer an issue.

His experience is vast, his reviews are flawless and you will be the next fan of Todd Freeman if he entertains at your next event!

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