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Our Scope of Work

Your conference guests want it all: acutely mind blowing visual clarity, seamless content transitions, and a superbly professional and polished show experience. Outstanding visual content means nothing if each and every guest in every seat can’t clearly see your presentation, slides or video. Gatsby provides a LED walls, flat screen TVs, and high lumen projectors to make your presentation pop!

We bring all the appropriate and powerful tools to ensure your run of show is flawless. Expect to see the best in video switchers, confidence monitors, perfect cue slide advancers, high end digital mixers and MORE! Whether it is your first show, or your final show, your Gatsby Event Studios sales rep and production team will be by your side the entire time!

led video wall1.jpeg

Video LED Wall

Our flagship product, Gatsby's LED wall is modular, meaning it can be built to spec to ensure optimal sizing for venue, guest count and/or floor plan. Don’t limit your imagination to simply a wall, Gatsby has built out DJ booths, banners, and custom designs to make any artist rider jealous. Our HD wall is a jaw droppingly gorgeous and will create a high end targeted and branded focal point for any event. Perfect for conferences and THE AFTER PARTY. If your clients demand high end content, we are your solution!


Projectors & Screens

Projectors are available in 5k, 10k, 12k and 15k lumens with front or rear projection capabilities. Our sleek, linen dressed screens come in different sizes and can be ground supported or rigged by our team depending on the needs of your Venue.


3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping has the most potential for high impact marketing and branding. We literally create, build, or 3D print your logo, or anything your desire and “paint” it with custom video content. We can make a small mock up of your logo for an incredible entrance display, or can go as far as to projection map entire buildings or city blocks!

GES led tv.png


Perfect for conferences, branding, or filler screens in larger conference spaces, we have a variety of sizes to fit any budget for any event type. Standard screen sizes are 55'“, 65” or 75” though custom sizing in LED HD TVs is available. Our stands are either truss supported (pictured) or rolling black stands.


Seamless Video Switching

Video switchers seamlessly change video content between laptops or other sources with a variety of smooth transitions to keep your guests laser focused on long days.

All your content will look outstandingly professional as one presenter’s shows fades into a holding slide of your conference logo and then seamlessly fades into the next presenters content without revealing a messy desktop!

GES confidence monitor.jpeg

Confidence Monitor

Don’t get caught reading from your notes, and if you do, do it with style! Our confidence monitors provide your speakers with a private mirrored display of what is on the screen and even includes a notes section for their reference.

GES perfect cue.jpeg

Perfect Cue Slide Advancer

This professional grade slide advancer is the bulletproof way to set your speaker ensure there is no awkward pause as your speakers cue their content. It has super strength that means it is far less likely to lose signal. When you have 2,500 wireless devices in the room you are speaking in and need your slides to cue when called, a Perfect Cue is all you’ll need.

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