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I opened my first discotheque in 1977 in Manhattan Beach California. I was the first DJ at the beach!

I have been a DJ ever since. Attended Cabrillo college for 3 years and studied jazz and classical theory and arranging simultaneously. My father was president of dubbing's electronics the manufacturer of all cassettes and 8-tracks for Capital records, and many other large labels of the early 1970s. That exposed me to a vast array of music.


I started as a musician at 11 years old primarily on the drum kit. I have played vibraphone, piano, harmonicas, I am a

 vocalist and these days play acoustic fingerstyle  guitar. I am presently a student of Rock and roll Hall of Fame guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. My knowledge of music is extremely wide variety. I have also been top MC in the Bay area for the past 25 years.

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