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DMX allows digital remote control of all the lighting fixtures in your event space via a skilled digital lighting console operator & programmer.

On a basic level, DMX allows simple color changes for different looks and feels in the event space throughout the evening. A warm inviting color palette for cocktail hour can transition into electric and vibrant colors for dancing.

On a more advanced level, DMX allows our Lighting Designer to program entire “scenes” in your event space that allows them to change the look and feel of the space instantly, on time to the beat of the music, or show cue.


Moving Heads

Moving Heads do everything a color wash or pattern wash does with the added ability to move it’s point of focus, color, and projection instantly.

A must have for Concerts, Conferences, and anywhere you want to add energy and excitement.

truss and dot matrix.jpg

LED Band Washes

LED Band Washes have become Gatsby's proprietary fixture in the Bay Area. One of our go to lighting fixtures, the Band Wash can be used as a DJ Booth Backdrop, Stage Element, or Down Lighting.



Need to get the crowd’s attention? You got it.


Blacklight Cannons

New COB (Chip on Board) LED Technology makes our black lights ten times more powerful than traditional fixtures.

Black Lights can be used to create experience vignettes, theme parties, or as an additional dance floor effect.


C02 Cannons

Nothing adds to a crescendo effect like the blast of 6 CO2 Cannons as the bass drops.

truss spider.jpeg

Decorative Truss

One of the most versatile tools for mobile events, Truss can bring a studio production set feel to any mobile event. Use it as floor based sticks or enclosures or fly from rigging points and you can create magic at your event!

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