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Are you Ducky Derby Ready ?

Here's how it works:

  • We feature custom and patented character racing rubber ducks, built to race and never sink and race them in heats just like you see at horse races! With your Summer picnic you received 5 themed heats of 25 ducks each that your participants get to guess the winners for in each race. Winning picks can be rewarded with raffle tickets for a live raffle at the end of the race or individual prizes for anyone who picks the winning duck.

  • At the end of the 5 opening heats we feature a Grand Finale where we race all 150 character ducks in one massive rubber ducky derby and again your participants get to guess the winner. The odds go down in this finale but your prizes can go up.Double raffle tickets or grander prizes can be given for the 1-150 odds race!


  • This Ultimate Ducky Derby Experience is turn key for your group and can be produced in just 2 weeks notice. We provide the custom branded pdf racer sheets for your participants to pick their winners on and even offer services to total the results so you can be a guest and enjoy your Day at the Quack!


Every standard race comes with:

  • Customized and branded holding slides

  • Lower 1/3s branding

  • Custom voice over during race

  • Custom obstacles

  • Course overview and location welcome with host

  • Welcome video

  • Thank you video or raffle

  • Themed music

  • Live MC

  • Heat Photos

  • Winners Gallery photos

  • Custom branded pdf pick em sheets

  • And much more!!!

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