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MC Chris

mc chriss.jpeg

Chris understands energy, he understands how events flow, he understands when to keep it reserved and when to let it all hang loose. Simply put, he understands parties. He admits that, “being able to get any kid up and following along while also getting mom and grandpa having fun at the same time, that’s why I do what I do.”

Now he does what he does on the West Coast. Having recently moved from New York, Chris is enjoying life at a little slower pace in the Bay. It gives him more time to spend playing with his dog, watching movies (he proudly claims Scarface and Romeo & Juliet as his all-time faves), and getting back to another passion of his – cooking. “I’m a beast in the kitchen,” he says with a grin that’s both confident and playful.

He’s also a beast on the dance floor, though you probably know that by now. And don’t worry if you slip up and ask Chris to “break dance” at your event. He won’t try to correct you. Instead, he’ll smile, put down the microphone, and take your party to a whole new level. 

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