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The MC Duo Stanthona

Chemistry. For some, the word brings back painful flashbacks of high school and the periodic table. For most, it’s how we describe people who work really well together; that seemingly intangible quality that makes two people greater than the sum of their parts. Just like a fine diamond, the chemistry between Stina and Anthony (or Stanthona if you want to go Hollywood power couple on them) took a little tension, pressure, and heat to create. And just like a diamond, it’s hard to argue with the results.

From stolen glances, stolen cookies, and stolen kisses, their love story has all the passion, humor, and dancing that is now their day-to-day lives. Two dance students forced to partner up, both strong willed and deeply committed to their craft. It was the moment they decided to commit to each other that changed everything.

Since then, the powerhouse duo have performed for almost a decade together and continue to raise the bar of what a party should look like, be it Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, or corporate events. Energetic yet personal, organized but spontaneous, creative and crazy, the secret to their success is their ability to adapt to the unique needs of each client and the distinctive vibe of each party.

Their chemistry shows when they perform and seamlessly transition from moment to moment, each stepping forward when the opportunity presents itself or supporting the other when it is needed. It is that balance and complementary skill sets that makes them amazing as a couple and absolutely dynamite as performers. 

Anthony expressed that their goal, “is to make the client and their family feel like guests at their own party.” Never missing a beat, Stina expands on the idea by explaining that, “when the families have that level of trust in us and they don’t have to stress about the details, we know that we’ve done the hard work ahead of time that allows us to do what we do best on the big day.” And put in the work, they do. As professional MCs and dance instructors, it is not uncommon to have a client ask Stina and Anthony to choreograph a special dance or give some pointers to those with two timid left feet.

It’s become clear to their hundreds of happy clients that having Stanthona lead your party is as lucky as striking Au79. That’s gold for those who still need some chemistry in their lives.

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