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Washes & Gobos

stage wash.jpeg

Stage Wash

A Stage Wash highlights the Presenter, DJ, Band, Lounge Vignettes, VIP Dining Areas, or anything you want to showcase! Add a custom color gel to complete the vibe or leave white for a crisp, clean, polished corporate look. Most washes having dimming capabilities.

GES washes and gobos.jpeg

Dance Floor Pattern Wash

A dance floor pattern wash will give depth and texture to your dance floor while showcasing it. Turn a dark floor into a beautiful focal point of the room that foreshadows what’s to come later in the evening.

gobo 1.jpg

Pattern Gobo Wash

Pattern Gobo Washes are a designer’s delight!

Gobo washes can also add texture and pop to your walls, lounges, floors and ceilings. Perfect for bringing the decor and theme of your event together.

Many of the Bay Area’s Historic Building’s have architectural features that Gobo Washes truly highlight and bring together. Check out Gatsby’s Instagram for some amazing examples of Lighting Design.

gobo metal.jpeg

Custom Gobo: Metal

Projected on walls, dance floors and entry ways we can design a custom gobo to fit the theme and look of your event. Metal gobos project in white or a single color light.

A cost effective branding opportunity, Event Sponsors can be showcased and recognized.

Brides and Grooms love our custom Wedding Gobos!

gobo glass.jpeg

Custom Gobo: Glass

Glass Gobos incorporate all the features of steel gobos, plus they are color printed on glass enabling fully colored light projection. Typically more expensive than steel and will require 2 weeks to produce.

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